Gotta love minor league baseball: Say hello to the Amarillo Calf Fries

The Amarillo Sod Poodles are proud to announce a new alternate identity for the 2023 season. For six games, the team will play as the Amarillo Calf Fries. The team’s new alternate identity was chosen as a distinct and fun way to continue to engage and reach fans both locally and nationally. The alternate identity will include new on-field jerseys and hats in an orange and light blue color scheme. The marks were created by Brandiose, a nationally recognized company that helped design the Sod Poodles marks along with numerous other Minor League teams.

“Sod Poodles is one of the most recognizable and unique brands in Minor League Baseball. We knew in order to honor our fans' expectations for fun and originality, we had to take the storytelling of our new identity to the next level. We absolutely love to celebrate our region’s uniqueness and historic cowboy ways. If yo­­u have lived in Texas or the Southwest for any amount of time, you know about Calf Fries!”

“When fans of Minor league baseball come to the ballpark, we want to give them unforgettable experiences they won’t get anywhere else. Sometimes it’s the thrill of the game, sometimes it’s the zany promotions and in-between inning contest, but most importantly it’s about bringing our fans together for an exciting night at the ballpark with their friends and family,” Ensor continued

“We felt the Calf Fries logo and brand touches on all these goals. It’s engaging, certainly memorable, and celebrates our traditional western flare in a spirited and fun way. It also provides us the opportunity to create some special experiences in the ballpark with delicious Calf Fries as the catalyst.

“Our creative team in collaboration with Jason and Casey at Brandiose, the best branding and design team in Minor League Baseball, have worked for over a year to create a one-of-a-kind brand that we know our fans all over the country will enjoy celebrating with us.”

The first Calf Fries Night will be on Saturday, April 15 against the Corpus Christi Hooks. The remaining dates include May 13, June 15, July 16, August 4, and August 31. As part of the 2023 promotional schedule, the team will be giving away a Calf Fries replica jersey on Sunday, June 4 to the first 1,500 fans in attendance.

Also known as Cowboy Oysters, Prairie Oysters, and Rocky Mountain Oysters, the delicacy will be served during the six game nights to promote the entire Calf Fries experience at HODGETOWN. Other in-game promotions will accompany the alternate identity for fans to immerse themselves in the new brand.

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