Cornyn announces resolution to block proposed Biden immigration rule

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) announced on Fox and Friends Monday morning that he will introduce a joint resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act to eventually strike down President Biden’s proposed Circumvention of Lawful Pathways rule. It relies on a likely unlawful abuse of DHS’s discretion to parole more migrants into the United States. Biden’s rule would do nothing to deter migrants from making the dangerous journey to the US-Mexico border.

Biden’s border crisis continues to get worse, not better. We saw the latest fiasco Sunday as more than 1,000 illegals tried to storm the port of entry at El Paso. Border Patrol and El Paso worked together to stop the madness and the port of entry was closed to vehicle traffic for hours. It makes a person ponder what kind of nefarious action was going on elsewhere along the border since we know that one of the techniques used by drug cartels and human traffickers is to create a distraction or a disruption at one point of the border while they get illegals across the border at a different point. The point is that those who intend to cross the border illegally do so with impunity. No one is afraid of Team Biden.

Border Patrol agents have been turned into administrators, processing the thousands of illegal immigrants instead of standing watch and securing the border. Biden’s budget, which is dead on arrival, calls for the hiring of 350 more Border Patrol agents. That is woefully short on what is truly needed. He had no problem calling for the hiring of 87,000 new IRS employees but he only calls for 350 more Border Patrol agents. That is absurd.

President Biden‘s new budget calls for the hiring of 350 more Border Patrol agents, on top of the 350 that were in his last budget and that were approved by Congress in December.

The president also proposed $40 million in funding that he said could be used to stop fentanyl trafficking across the border.

And he asked for nearly $1 billion in new cash for the legal immigration agency, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, continuing to erode the tradition of having that agency fund itself through fees paid by immigrants and businesses who seek to employ them.

With millions of illegal immigrants being turned loose across the country to live their best lives without worries about being in the country illegally, it’s only logical that an agency dependent on fees paid by immigrants can’t fund itself. Illegal immigrants aren’t paying fees. Taxpayers are paying their way as they settle in. So, taxpayers are footing the funding of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. Either way, in Biden’s America, taxpayers are paying for it.

“The President’s policies are attracting more and more illegal immigration – what the Border Patrol calls ‘pull factors.’ In other words, the perception that there are no consequences associated with coming here outside of legal immigration channels.”

Cornyn is right. Word spreads on social media and in the case of Sunday’s flood of illegal immigrants at El Paso, there was a Facebook post telling them to come to the port of entry and if they had children with them, they would be allowed in and then to stay. Chaos ensued.

“Once again, I think the President will try to go it alone.” Cornyn is referencing the fact that Biden governs by executive orders. He did away with programs and policies set by Trump that worked. The border was the most secure it has been in years when Biden came into office. He deliberately stopped all that and opened the border. Now we are where we are. Biden doesn’t care. This was his plan all along.

“I represent a border state. As many of my colleagues have said, we are all border states now. Given the proliferation of people coming across the border, and the drugs, it’s spread to all four corners of our country. I don’t understand those who say, ‘No, we want more of this. We need to have orderly, humane, and legal immigration and stop the drugs coming across the border. What we are doing now does not work.” That’s not just rhetoric from a border hawk. All states are border states now. Illegal immigrants have been bused or flown to all states. Every congressional district has been affected by illegal immigration. It is intentional.

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