Say bye bye to our surveillance blimps at the southern border

This story hasn’t drawn many headlines (for obvious reasons), but it’s the latest in a series of very clear signals that not only is the Biden administration not making any effort to close the southern border, but it is actively working to make the job of the Border Patrol harder. 

The CBP had been operating a dozen blimps with cameras to monitor some of the more remote regions of the border. For the most part, they don’t actively help in capturing illegal aliens who enter the country, but they do allow Customs and Border Patrol to monitor and count the number of “gotaways” that make it into the interior of the country. Last year, however, eight of the balloons were eliminated. 

And now the final four are being taken offline. 

From the Free Beacon:

After refusing for days last week to shoot down China’s spy balloon, the Biden administration finally found airships they are happy to take down: surveillance blimps that monitor the southern border.

The Biden administration is taking the blimps, which allow agents to detect illegal migrant activity over long periods of time, out of commission due to funding cuts, Fox News reported. While there were 12 surveillance balloons in operation last year, only four remain.

Customs and Border Protection agents told Fox that the removal of the blimps, known in the agency as their “Eyes in the Sky,” will drastically hinder their ability to track illegal immigrants who evade detention at the border. As of January, there were 1.2 million “gotaways” since Biden took office.

The White House is blaming “funding cuts” for the removal of the blimps, but that makes no sense. All during the entire Chinese spy balloon fiasco, analysts discussed why the Chinese would use that sort of comparatively primitive technology for surveillance missions. One of the biggest reasons is that balloons are massively cheaper to construct, deploy, and operate than satellites or modern drone swarms.

Are they seriously trying to tell us that they don’t have the money to maintain four blimps above the border but they have yet another tranche of $2.2 billion available to send to Zelensky to protect Ukraine’s borders? And they obviously had enough cash lying around to once again erect a wall around the Capitol Building for Biden’s SOTU address. Yet we’re supposed to believe that they can’t find the money to keep four freaking balloons in the air.

We don’t need to “speculate” about this development because what’s actually going on here is painfully obvious. Joe Biden doesn’t want CBP reporting on the huge number of gotaways that flood into the country every month. It’s one of the top issues of concern for Americans according to recent polling and it feeds into Biden’s pathetic approval rating numbers. So he’s making it increasingly more difficult for them to monitor the situation.

In case it wasn’t already obvious to anyone, the opening of the southern border was not a “mistake” or a “poor policy decision.” It was absolutely intentional, and the ensuing disaster rolling all across the nation right now was precisely what Joe Biden wanted to see. The Biden border crisis should amount to a totally impeachable offense all by itself, not to mention the other unfolding series of crises we’re dealing with. And we need to be impeaching more people than just Alejandro Mayorkas. Even if these decisions are being made in the background by his staffers because Uncle Joe is too befuddled to make the call, the responsibility still falls on his shoulders. This is flagrant lawlessness being openly endorsed by the White House right in front of our eyes.

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