Pantex holds ribbon-cutting for new Flexible Support Facility

Representatives from the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) joined leaders from Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC at Pantex on February 16 for a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the site’s new Flexible Support Facility (FSF).

“The completion of the Flexible Support Facility is a significant step toward continuing to modernize Pantex as we fulfill the workload increases at the site over the next several years,” said Pantex Site Manager Colby Yeary.

The 14,400 square-foot building broke ground in September 2020 and achieved beneficial occupancy on February 3, 2023. The FSF will provide support for the nuclear security mission at Pantex. Housing approximately 90 personnel, the new facility helps accommodate part of the general staffing growth occurring at the site. The new facility will house project and maintenance teams, increasing direct communication among those support organizations who help ensure facility availability across the site.

The design of the FSF is based on a Standardized Acquisition and Recapitalization (STAR) design that was previously used at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS). The abbr title="Standardized Acquisition and Recapitalization">STAR initiative is aimed at reducing costs and accelerating construction of small office and light laboratory facilities through the use of standard, scalable building designs. Pantex is the first NNSA site to complete a project reusing a STAR design from another site, and the approach is being evaluated for applications across the nuclear security enterprise to achieve cost and schedule efficiencies with each subsequent build. The design used for the FSF is currently being leveraged for two additional projects at the NNSS.

“The project management team was able to overcome challenges with construction during the pandemic and supply-chain issues by monitoring schedule progress, anticipating potential bottlenecks, and implementing solutions to keep the project moving forward,” said Todd Clark, CNS Infrastructure Program Manager. “The lessons learned from this project will help us to gain future efficiencies for project execution, building construction as well as other projects planned for the site.”

Pantex plans to utilize this same design to construct additional mission enabling buildings that further support the ability to deliver the site’s national security mission, including a change house for employees to use for donning work-related clothing and an additional office facility.

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