Don't forget about the northern border

The Biden border crisis is affecting the northern border. There is a historic surge in illegal immigration on the northern border with migrants entering the United States from Canada. In January there were more apprehensions than in the last 12 years combined.

There was a record-high of 367 apprehensions in Swanton, Vermont in January. That may not look like a big number but the town’s population is only 6,701 according to the 2020 census. The migrants were mostly Mexican nationals. That is more than the Border Patrol agents encountered since 2011 combined. Over the last 12 years, the average number of migrant crossings in the Swanton Sector is just 28. The agents have noted that more family groups are coming across with young children and infants.

Swanton Sector Chief Patrol Agent Robert N. Garcia warned migrants not to make the trip in the frigid weather. Agents had to conduct at least two rescue missions in January.

"Illegal crossings of the Canada/U.S. border in sub-freezing temps continued last week, as Border Patrol Agents apprehended 115 subjects from 12 countries — mostly Mexican nationals," Garcia noted in a tweet with an image of migrants trudging through the snow.

"Unfortunately, perilous weather has done nothing to deter this traffic. Don’t risk it!"

CBP agents saw an 846% increase in migrant encounters and apprehensions from October 2021 to January 2023 compared to the same time last year.

"As we progress deeper into winter and continue to address the ongoing pace of illicit cross-border traffic, the level of concern for the lives and welfare of our Border Patrol Agents and those we are encountering – particularly vulnerable populations – continues to climb," Garcia said.

"It cannot be stressed enough: not only is it unlawful to circumvent legal means of entry into the United States, but it is extremely dangerous, particularly in adverse weather conditions, which our Swanton Sector has in incredible abundance," Garcia added in a statement on the record-breaking number of crossings.

The surge at the northern border looks to coincide with the surge at the southern border since Biden took office.

In fiscal year 2020, northern border encounters and apprehensions were at 32,376. The first full year Biden was in office in Fiscal Year 2022, the northern border saw a more than three times increase to 109,535 encounters.

So far this year from October 2022 to January 2023, CBP encountered 55,736 illegal crossers.

Along the entire U.S. northern border with Canada, the highest single month of crossings was in October 2022 when 15,883 people were apprehended by CBP.

The surge in illegal migrant apprehensions at the northern border could be caused because the Biden administration has put all its focus on the southern border … but we know that isn’t true. The numbers have likely increased because the migrants have figured out that they can travel to Canada and sneak into the United States from Canada while the southern border is the focus. They fly into Canada and then cross at night when the temperatures are at the coldest.

The Swanton Sector includes sections of Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire. Mexicans are the leading nationality crossing from Canada, followed by Haitians and Guatemalans.

The Biden administration is still using Title 42 to expel illegal migrants at the southern border. Mexicans are turned away more than any other nationality, totaling up to 60% of the expulsions. Migrants who can afford it pay about $350 for a one-way plane ticket from Mexico to Montreal or Toronto. This gives them a better chance of not being sent back under Title 42.

Cartels are at work along the northern border, as they are on the southern border, smuggling migrants into Canada. But it’s not just the cartels, either. Illegal migrants fleeing the United States and going to Canada on free tickets offered by NYC Mayor Eric Adams are turning around and coming back to New York when they experience the cold weather and snow in Canada.

The number of apprehensions in December was also a record for CBP at the Canadian border.

In December, a record 441 people were detained by US Border Patrol and Customs at the Canadian border in the region after flying to Canada from at least 19 countries, according to The Center Square. Fourteen others abandoned their illicit journey to America, and at least 135 foreign nationals evaded authorities and are now in the US illegally, officials told the outlet.

Further west, the influx at the US’s frigid northern border was tragically illustrated Jan. 19, when two adults, a teen and and an infant from India were found frozen to death in a vehicle 40 feet from the border in North Dakota.

The Biden border crisis is slowly sweeping the nation.

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