Complete list of candidates for upcoming local elections

Here are your candidates for the upcoming Amarillo City Council, Canyon City Commission, Amarillo ISD, Canyon ISD, and Amarillo College elections.

Amarillo Mayor and City Council races:

Amarillo will have four new members on the City Council with Ginger Nelson, Howard Smith, and Eddy Sauer deciding not to run for re-election. Current City Council members Cole Stanley and Freda Powel are both running for Mayor.


Freda Powell 
Tonya Winston 
Jeffrey McGunegle 
Sam Burnett 
Don Collins 
Cole Stanley 

Place 1

Margie Gonzales 
Ray White 
Kelsey Richardson 
Josh Craft 
Sherie Wood 
Dean Crump 
Chip Hunt 

Place 2

Don Tipps 
Gabriel McHenry-Herrera 
Misty Vigil 

Place 3

Tom Scherlen 
Katt Massey 
John Adair 

Place 4

Hobert Gunny Brown 
Les Simpson 
John Ingerson 
Claudette Smith 

City of Canyon

Canyon will not have any contested races. However, there will be two new faces on the City Commission in Place 4 and Place 5.

The following individuals have filed their applications for a place on the election ballot:

Mayor – Place 1

Gary Hinders

Commissioner – Place 2

Cody Jones

Commissioner – Place 3

Paul R. Lyons 

Commissioner – Place 4

Robyn Cranmer

Commissioner – Place 5

Danny J. Potter

Amarillo ISD

Applications for a place on the Amarillo ISD Board of Trustees general election ballot have been received from: 

Kimberly Anderson
Jon Mark Beilue
Connie Brown
Ryan Patrick Brown
Dick Ford
Robin Leeah
Steve Trafton

Canyon ISD

Canyon ISD will see three contested races for the Board of Trustees:

Place 1

Paul Blake

Place 2  

Katharyn Wiegand
Jodi Davis

Place 7

Laurie Gilliland
Tiffany Rogers
Derrick Thomas

Place 3 (special election) 

Casey Posey
Jared Wirt
Claudia Burkett
Josh Grisham

Amarillo College Board of Regents

The following candidates have filed for a place on the ballot:

Jason Foglesong
Mike Yazbek
Jay Barret
Michele Fortunato
Stephanie Peña
Brady Clark
Irene Hughes

Early voting is April 24-May 2.

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