Biden left dazed and confused by White House press corps

President Biden delivered a statement Thursday on the recent events involving shooting down unidentified objects out of the sky. He spoke about his decision to order a Chinese spy balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina after allowing it to float across the country. He also mentioned three other unidentified objects spotted in the sky that he ordered shot down.

This was the first time Biden addressed the White House press corps about ordering the objects to be shot down since the Chinese spy balloon was shot down on February 4. The president refused to call the press in and explain what is going on with securing the nation’s air space for about two weeks. He ordered objects in the sky to be shot down in American air space by the U.S. military for the first time in our history and then remained silent. Inexcusable.

When the president finished his remarks, the press began shouting questions to him, as they do. Biden looked startled, then dazed and confused. He looked at the reporters as if he was deciding on whom to call and meekly pointed at one. The reporters continued to shout over each other and the scene was chaotic. The reporter began to ask a question and was interrupted by another reporter who asked if his family’s business dealings with China compromised his reaction to the spy balloon. Biden said to that reporter, “Give me a break, man.” Then he turned back to the other reporter.

The reporter he called on was Peter Alexander, Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News. Biden tried to listen to his question and then gave up. He told Alexander, “You can come to my office and ask the question. We’ll have more polite people.” Then Biden left the room.

That’s right. The president was unable to handle the press corps shouting questions at him, as they always do, and was upset that the reporters were being rude to him. This is why his handlers keep him away from the press. He is easily confused and not able to handle the chaos.

The president has only himself to blame for a rowdy press that starts yelling questions at him all at once after he finishes his remarks. He has done so few press conferences and the White House press corps has few opportunities to ask questions that when they see him, they do what they can to get answers to their questions. It’s not ideal and it is not dignified behavior toward the leader of the free world but that is where we are with the Biden administration. Other presidents have handled a boisterous press yet Joe Biden whiffs and just leaves the room, mumbling about more polite people in his office.

Can you imagine Donald Trump, for example, just wimping out over too many questions being shouted at him? Trump just waited for them to calm down and he would begin to answer questions. No big deal.

I think the question about his corrupt family dealings may have thrown him off. He isn’t accustomed to reporters showing curiosity about Biden, Inc. and asking questions. The family has made millions of dollars by using the Biden name and has never been held accountable for it. Biden continues to lie and insist that he does not know about Hunter or Jim Biden’s shady business dealings with less-than-desirable foreign countries.

Inviting Peter Alexander to stop by his office and ask his questions was an interesting twist. Instead of doing that, though, it turns out that Biden called Alexander on his cell phone and let him ask his questions over the phone.

The Biden handlers pick and choose the reporters with whom Biden speaks. They write out a list of names for him before he takes questions. I guess that didn’t happen this time. He probably didn’t plan to take questions. Biden usually delivers statements to the press and then walks off with taking questions from the press. Hey, where is all that transparency we were promised? Joe Biden said his administration would be the most transparent ever. His administration has been one of the least transparent in my lifetime.

The appearance of unidentified objects in American air space has been a disaster for the Biden administration. They seem to have gotten carried away with deploying F-22s to take out the objects in question. One, as it turns out, was shot down over air space on the border with Canada (or Canadia, as KJP calls our neighbor to the north) and is likely a balloon launched by a hobby club in Illinois. Oops. Think about that – the United States shot down a $100 balloon with a $450,000 sidewinder missile, as John pointed out in his post.

This is Biden’s America. Biden orders military responses to objects in the sky and offers no updates to let Americans know what is going on for two weeks. We were told the professionals would be in charge if Biden was elected president. What a joke.

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