Will Alex Fairly run for mayor of Amarillo? Does he really want to be mayor?

Will Alex Fairly run for mayor of Amarillo? Does he really want to be mayor? Fairly said he would make a decision by the end of January.

Dan Butcher and Mike Gay discuss Fairly, the upcoming local elections, and so much more on the High Plains Pundit Podcast.

Some interesting quotes from Fairly this past week:

“I just don’t want to be a mayor. I want to say this gently, but it’s not a step up for me in my career."

“I feel like there is a loud chorus of people that want me to be the mayor, but nobody knows me, really."

“However big the crowd is that is calling for me to run for mayor and as good as it feels, it is not a reason to run for mayor. Something has to be able to get done if you are going to be the mayor.”

“It is genuinely nice, and people are very encouraging, but I have to consider that there has to be some other reason to run for mayor that has substance. It has to be a calling."

“If I were to become mayor, I would be one of the first mayors that did not want to really be the mayor.”

“I think we have had a political situation in Amarillo for the last half-decade where a small group of people drives who is in the office and what has been done."

“I think a new brand of city council is coming in, and I think we are going to have four new people and they are going to take the past five or six years into account. I think it is turning no matter what.”

"I think the city’s greatest need is humble, unselfish leadership." 

“The city needs a humble, unselfish leader who does not think about themselves."

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