Just when you thought the George Santos saga couldn't get any crazier

This guy. It seems like every day there is something else to add to the circus. Newly sworn-in Rep. George Santos is a magnet for outlandish stories, and it’s all of his own doing. The question is: what of his man’s life history is true? 

Today I’m reading reports from several news outlets that cite performers in Brazil who say Santos was an active part of the drag community years ago.

Frankly, this claim is one of the tamest of claims about Santos. He’s admitted he lived as a straight married man but is now is a married gay man. Clearly his sexuality has been a point of confusion for him. At this point, what does it matter? He ran as an openly gay man but it turns out he lived as a straight man who sought a divorce in 2019 from a woman.

In 2019, someone with the name George Devolder Santos, a name used by the representative-elect during his campaign “Devolder Santos for Congress,” filed for uncontested divorce with Uadla Santos Vieira Santos, according to New York court records obtained by the Daily Beast.

Santos launched his 2020 campaign less than two weeks after the divorce was finalized. While his 2022 campaign bio mentions his husband, the existence of his wife was not publicly mentioned during either campaign, the outlet found.

It is unclear the nature of Santos’s relationship with his then-wife or why they filed for divorce.

So, there’s that. It’s probably no big deal in today’s world, but now it seems the drag queens are coming for Santos. At least the drag queens in Brazil. Santos denied the allegation. Apparently calling him a drag queen is a bridge too far for Santos.

He should probably go ahead and cop to it if it is true. Think of the support he would get from the left and social liberals. Suddenly he would be ok with a large number of people. I kid. Kinda.

This story comes from a drag queen with whom he worked in Brazil. Allegedly. A reporter on a Substack account published a 2009 photo of what looks to be Santos in drag. He and another drag queen are standing arm-in-arm. The caption names them as “Eula Rorard” and “Kitara Ravache.” Santos is allegedly Kitara. The other drag queen was the source of the story.

It seem like at this point what does it matter if Santos is gay, straight, or a former drag queen? That question seems to be the least of his problems. He’s been accused of stealing money from a dying dog, for heaven’s sake. It doesn’t get much lower than that. He denies that story but who believes anything he says now? His education and work histories appear to have all been fabricated out of thin air. He wrote quite a life for himself. He has lied about his family history, too. There is nothing Santos won’t embellish, it seems.

The Nassau County GOP has had enough. It calls for him to resign.

“George Santos campaign last year was a campaign of deceit, lies, and fabrication,” Nassau County GOP Chairman Joe Cairo said in a statement. “He has no place on the Nassau County Republican committee, nor should he serve public service, nor as an elected official. He’s not welcome here at GOP HQ.”

That’s understandable. Santos is a huge embarrassment for them. Who was in charge of vetting candidates, though? Did no one along the line notice that this man appeared too good to be true? I’m surprised the Democrats let Santos fall through the cracks, too. Where was their oppo research?

Brazil has reopened a fraud investigation into Santos relating to a stolen checkbook.

Most alarming is the fact that Santo has been placed on two committees. I realize he is the duly-elected representative for his district and he has been sworn in but that doesn’t mean he has to be given committee assignments. Let the voters decide his fate in two years, if he runs for re-election, but in the meantime, he shouldn’t be normalized as a congressman and given normal assignments.

What Santos really needs to do is just hold a press conference and go item by item – what is true and what is not true. Just get it all out there or else these stories will continue to drip, drip, drip for the next two years. The voters in his district deserve that much. He’s lost all credibility but he needs to come clean.

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