George Santos: On second thought, I dressed like a woman, but was never a drag queen

It's time for another dose of George Santos dumbassery.

I’m old enough to remember back when Congressman Santos called stories about him dressing up as a drag queen “crazy” and “absolutely false.” That was way back, um… earlier this week. 

And then, as with nearly every story involving this guy, the photos and videos began surfacing. 

The stories came from the time that he lived in Brazil, where he is currently under indictment for theft and authorities are seeking to extradite him. And sure enough, now the story has changed yet again. 

With the evidence seeming to be too much to deny any further, Santos has admitted that he is the person in women’s garb seen in the photos, going by the name of Kitara. But he claims that his earlier response was still accurate because while he may have been dressing in drag, he wasn’t a paid performer. 

“No, I was not a drag queen in Brazil, guys. I was young and I had fun at a festival. Sue me for having a life,” the embattled Republican congressman said while talking to reporters at LaGuardia Airport on Saturday/ This was his first public response since allegations that he performed as a drag queen named Kitara emerged last week.

Santos, who is openly gay, had repeatedly tried to shoot down the reports of his cross-dressing past, which emerged last week after a photo from 2008 was posted online.

The photographic evidence was originally provided by an actual Brazilian drag queen and former friend of Santos named Eula Rochard. And Rochard is backing up at least part of the congressman’s story. Rochard said that Santos wasn’t really a drag queen because “he did not have what it takes.” (Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark.)

This contradicts what Santos is heard saying in the video, where he specifically bragged about being a drag queen. But it’s in keeping with what Rochard told reporters, saying that Santos “lied about everything.” 

So it appears that Santos is consistent if nothing else. And consistency used to be seen as a virtue in politicians.

This is one accusation where it’s difficult to see why Santos would bother lying. So what if he dressed in drag in Brazil? The guy is openly gay and as long as he’s a consenting adult, who cares how he dressed? 

Heck, the story might even bump up his approval numbers with the transgender crowd. He hasn’t been there long enough to do anything to judge him by, but before he was even sworn in, a YouGov poll gave him a 15% approval rating.

If nothing else, Santos is managing to give Saturday Night Live some fresh material to work with. 

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