Did Hunter Biden have access to Biden classified documents?

That’s the big question in Joe Biden’s classified-material scandal, is it not? It’s not just that then-VP Biden got sloppy about vetting the papers he took home from the office in January 2017. As we have discovered, there’s a lot of that kind of sloppiness going around — so much so that the National Archives has had to ask all former officeholders subject to the Presidential Records Act to take another look in their moving boxes and offices.

Actually, this is only one of the big questions pertaining specifically to Biden, but perhaps the most pertinent to questions about Biden Inc. And the Free Beacon’s look at internal e-mails suggest that Hunter Biden specifically not only had access but may also have exercised it:

President Joe Biden’s immediate family knew more about the location of documents in his possession than the president’s aides, emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop suggest.

Joe Biden’s executive assistant Kathy Chung solicited assistance from Hunter Biden and four other Biden family members in locating “Vice President notecards” from “the office” on Nov. 27, 2018, emails show. The day before, another presidential aide, Richard Ruffner, had asked Chung for help locating the materials, telling her Joe Biden wanted him to have the notecards on hand. …

Chung also kept Hunter Biden abreast of his father’s work at the Penn Biden Center, where he reportedly stored classified materials related to Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom.

“Hi, Hunt!! Per your conversation with you Dad, here is he Penn Biden materials and the block schedule. Let me know if you need anything else, Hunt. Miss ya. Kathy,” Chung wrote to Hunter Biden in a June 19, 2018. Chung’s message also contained a six-page report covering the results of a Penn Biden Center poll on American attitudes toward democracy.

That may be why the Department of Justice has resisted, for now, allowing congressional committees to review the documents found. So far. They argue that viewing these documents would interfere with the special counsel probe, but that’s fallacious as well as obstructive. Merely viewing the recovered documents — or certified copies of the material on them — would not interfere with an investigation into their mishandling. And Congress has a constitutional right to review that material, as long as it is properly secured in a SCIF for that purpose.

Even Senate Democrat Mark Warner is losing patience over this issue:

“There’s no reason why Congress cannot review these documents in a secure, classified setting so we can make an assessment about what damage it may have caused to national security,” Arkansas Republican Tom Cotton, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Wednesday after a two-hour briefing with Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines.

Multiple senators left that briefing demanding to see the documents in both cases.

“It is our responsibility to make sure that we, in our role as intelligence oversight, know if there’s been any intelligence compromise,” Chairman Mark Warner, D-Va., said.

That, of course, brings us to the other major question to resolve. How did Biden manage to abscond with classified material while in the Senate? Senators do not have custodial authority for that material, not even in the intelligence committee — and Biden never sat on that committee anyway. The closest he came was chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which certainly has access to classified information but not custodial authority of it.

Ted Cruz wants his Senate records thoroughly vetted for more:

Mocking Joe Biden as “Mr. Magoo,” Sen. Ted Cruz demanded the FBI scour the president’s old Senate records after more classified documents surfaced at his home in Delaware.

It’s a huge trove: Biden donated 33 pallets holding 1,875 boxes to the University of Delaware in June 2012. The collection from his 36 year Senate career includes 415 gigabytes of electronic records.

“I’m right now calling for the Department of Justice, for the FBI, to examine all 1,850 boxes… to see how many additional classified documents are in those records,” Cruz said on his podcast. “The answer should be none. But given Biden’s pattern, we should have zero reason have any confidence that there are not multiple classified documents” to be found.

Let’s get going on that search, too — and keep demanding answers about how Biden got classified material while in the Senate.

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