Mike Lindell on DeSantis 2022 election win: ‘I don’t believe it’

Mike Lindell is the MyPillow guy, peddler of sweet dreams and, lately, the embracer of nightmare election-tampering conspiracies. His target now: Gov. Ron DeSantis, who surfed atop Florida’s red tsunami election last month.

On his web show Tuesday, Lindell declared himself, without evidence, a skeptic. The source of his cocked eyebrow: DeSantis’ triumph in usually blue Miami-Dade County.

The county, which has traditionally gone for Democrats in past elections, swung for DeSantis during the Florida gubernatorial race by 11 points. 

No evidence of fraud has circulated and before the election, a number of observers had pointed to the county and suggested that DeSantis had a chance to pull off a big victory.

“I look at deviations, everybody. That’s a deviation. I don’t believe it,” Lindell said, later adding that “I’m going to find out if [Miami-]Dade County – what happened there, because it’s a deviation from norm.”

We needn’t rehearse Miami-Dade’s election fluidity here. More important is the reason behind Lindell’s hyperventilating. In the weeks since the midterms, DeSantis has become the darling of Republicans polled about their preference for a presidential nominee. And he’s not even an announced candidate.

Meanwhile, the prospects of Election-Denier-in-Chief Donald Trump, who has hoisted his banner, have nosedived like a scaly snowcone.

Multiple polls show DeSantis, whose 19-point win in November was widely celebrated among Republicans during the midterms, surging past Trump.

While Republican candidates and other members of the party have often targeted election denialism claims at Democrats, the MyPillow CEO’s comments are unusually targeted at another Republican. 

But Lindell is Trump’s loyal pal and partner in unfounded recrimination, so the early hard evidence of DeSantis’ persuadability must be yet another sinister game invented by ballot counters. Or something. Lindell vows to smother DeSantis’ eye-popping triumph in personal resources.

The MyPillow CEO is being sued for defamation by Dominion Voting Systems regarding his comments about the 2020 election and their voting machines. Lindell has pushed claims about the 2020 election, similar to Trump, despite the fact that multiple audits in different states have affirmed the states’ original results in the 2020 election.

Lindell's stolen-election carnival barking reveals the sort of intellect  associated with losing your grip.

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