Red Raiders vs TCU preview

Texas Tech and TCU are set to square off in Ft. Worth this Saturday. TCU will be looking to stay undefeated while Texas Tech picks up its pieces from last week’s blowout loss to Baylor.

Texas Tech

Texas Tech is coming off an embarrassing loss to Baylor at home. The quarterback room that was hyped up since week one threw for a combined five interceptions. The Tech defense that was able to force four turnovers against WVU forced only one against the Bears. Texas Tech once again could not pull off back-to-back Big 12 wins. This week Texas Tech sets its sights on undefeated TCU in hopes of a rebound.


TCU comes into this game as a major favorite. The Horned Frogs have managed to score at least 38 points in all their games this season. This is a good recipe for putting yourself in the Big 12 Championship Game at the end of the year. Eight games into the season TCU has made its case as a playoff team and they look to further back that up this weekend.

Why Texas Tech could win

Texas Tech will have to figure out its coaching, defense, and quarterback issues. If they can manage to fix these problems and play like they did against WVU, Tech will have a shot in this game. The Red Raiders will have to be more efficient when passing, though, and will have to figure out how to get the defense off the field. If they can do this they will give themselves an opportunity to stay in the game and win it in the end.

Why Texas Tech could lose

Texas Tech collapsed miserably last weekend. Previously one of the most efficient teams in terms of plays per game and yardage, Tech completely failed to execute against Baylor.  TCU is a much better team than Baylor and they just watched The Bears dismantle Joey McGuire and The Red Raiders. Baylor showed the entire world how to stop Tech’s offense making The Red Raiders a vulnerable target. TCU will take their notes and will have no problem stopping Tech dead in its tracks on Saturday.

Why TCU could win

TCU is undefeated and Texas Tech simply does not have the manpower to stop them. If TCU can put pressure on Tech’s quarterback they will force turnovers and ultimately win the game. TCU has the second-best offense in terms of rushing and passing in the Big 12. Texas Tech’s inconsistent defense holds no match for the Horned Frogs.

Texas Tech will not be able to stop the boys in purple from moving the football all over the field which will result in a TCU victory.

Why TCU could lose

Texas Tech will be out for revenge after falling to Baylor ending a three-decade-long winning streak at home against The Bears. Tech will have to find their running game and will have to force turnovers on the defensive side of the ball. One-dimensional football will not work against a top-ten team. If they are able to patch things together The Red Raiders can pull off a massive upset in Ft. Worth.

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