Local election results: Price, Tanner, Schaffer, and Taylor win election

State Representative for District 87, Four Price, easily won reelection with 87% of the vote totaling 32,858 votes to his Libertarian opponent Nick Hearn, who garnered 4,882 votes. Price has served the district now for over a decade since winning the seat in 2010.

“I will continue the hard work to represent the Panhandle, especially in areas that make an impact in our region,” Price said, “rural health care water resource development the protection of energy and our agricultural business industries, rural economic development and I am looking forward to being able to do that.”

There were no contested races in Randall County. Potter County had only three contested races for election.

Incumbent Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner defeated a write-in candidate, local businessman Tom Warren, with 94% of the vote. Tanner, who won the March GOP primary with 64% of the votes, was not endorsed by the Potter County Republican Party. 

"Thank you everyone for your faith, your confidence and your friendship!  Let’s put this election to bed and move on with life! God is so good!" Tanner said in a Facebook post.

"From the very beginning, Tom Warren put his name forward for county judge to give voters a choice and to ensure that Nancy Tanner would not win re-election unopposed.

"While he was not successful tonight, he received more votes than any other write-in candidate in Potter County history. He also gave voters a choice as to what the direction of the county should be for the next four years. We didn't have to accept Tanner's gun-grabbing, tax-raising, Democrat-pandering agenda without a fight.

"Thanks to everyone who donated, volunteered, and endorsed. We worked hard and you all worked diligently for this campaign. We could not thank y'all enough.

"This isn't the end either. We will be back to reclaim Potter County in the future, for the taxpayers," Thomas Warren III said for the Warren campaign.

The Potter County GOP endorsed Warren because of several issues the party had with Tanner.

"My executive committee is made up of teachers, lawyers, brokers, bankers, accountants, business owners,  a minister, and a warehouseman.  My chairs range in age from the early 20s to the mid-80s.  My point is we are a true cross-section of Amarillo and they are your neighbors.

They are not happy with our County Judge because: 

"The incumbent, Tanner, lied to them through me and said she would let the voters choose a place 2 commissioner and then appointed a  Democrat; undermining our work in that area over the past 6 years. 

She did a very similar thing Ginger Nelson did by going around the voters,  issuing Certificates of Obligation, and putting us on the hook for roughly 57 million dollars you will pay back through property taxes. If the facility was needed, she should make the case to the people and let the voters decide, and then honor and respect their decision.  But she does not trust you.  Tom Warren does. 
She would not let the commissioners vote to allow us to get out of the CPP program with the Secretary of State so we could go back to "Hand-Marked, Self-Authenticated, Tangible Ballots that can be verified". She demands a secret count. We want a secret ballot and a public and transparent count. We want everyone's vote counted properly with no ambiguity.

"Recently, we tried to save the county $680,000.00 She could care less.  

"We asked her why Zuckerberg's group gave her $87,000 dollars and where the money went and if our voter rolls changed on or about that time and she refuses to answer. 

"She shut down a meeting with Captain Sean Smith (think Space Force) and some others in military intelligence to show her and others how our voting machines are manipulatable. We went to great lengths to get this all lined up and secured private planes to bring them in from 3 different states and had to coordinate all of their schedules. She abruptly canceled the meeting at the last minute with no explanation. She would not return our phone call then as to why, and she will not return our phone calls nor others.  Seems a little odd to me that she would not want to take advantage of the opportunity to learn about our voting system. 

"Another thing that bothers my precinct chairs is she brags about all the marriages she does but does not disclose that most of them are gay marriages.  Because most of the churches won't do them.  Worse, we are told she charges for them and pockets the cash. To them, if you are paid a salary and you are doing something in your official capacity the money should be given back to the county," Potter County GOP Chair Dan Rogers said. 

Appointed Precinct 2 Potter County Commissioner, Democrat Robert Ruiz, lost to Republican candidate Blair Schaffer 1,484 votes to 989. Schaffer won 59% of the vote.

"This last year has been a roller coster and my little team was there with me every step of the way. The love and support they gave me can not be messaured. But it was seen and felt by all that watched. 

"Thank you to everyone that cast your vote for me and put your faith into me to work for all our community. I will be giving our community everything I can. 
I look forward to sitting down and working with and learning from community leaders from the past, present and future. 

"To Robert Ruiz for Potter County Commissioner Pct 2  thank you for running a clean and friendly race. I know we will be working together to continue to improve and developing our community. 

"Once again thank you everyone! It will be my honor to serve you," Schaffer said.

"Well folks, we came up short on last night’s elections. Congratulations to Blair Schaffer the new elected Potter County Commissioner. Long and hard fought race. 

"I want to thank my family, friends, and everyone for your support. I am very proud to have had this great opportunity," Ruiz said.

In the Potter County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 race, Republican Robert Taylor got 62% of the vote to his opponent, David DeLeon’s 35%. Taylor received 1,484 votes to Deleon’s 897.

"Thank You Precinct #2 for your support in my re-election as your Justice of Peace. I'm humbled by your trust and support. Thank You once again!" Taylor said.

"Precinct 2, you chose your Commissioner and Justice of the Peace this election. We ran a good race and I am truly grateful and honored for each vote that I received.

I am thankful for my family and friends that supported me throughout this year. This is definitely not a defeat but only a delay until the next," DeLeon said.

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