Tom Warren challenging Nancy Tanner for Potter County Judge as write-in candidate

Amarillo business man Tom Warren has launched a write-in campaign to challenge current Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner in the November 8 general election.

"Since Nancy Tanner has been in office, she has raised taxes numerous times, issued millions of dollars in debt without taxpayer approval, kept businesses shut down unnecessarily for months during the pandemic, aligned herself with anti-veteran organizations, overseen the county’s failed response to the worst cyberattack on a local government entity in Amarillo’s history, appointed Democrats to powerful local government positions, and has done all of this while showing total disregard for the citizens of this county.

"While Tanner’s record is a complete disgrace, what I find to be worst about Tanner’s record is her decision to issue $54 million in debt for a new courthouse without even seeking voter approval. When a local TV station asked her why she didn’t seek voter approval, she said it was because “if we do a bond election it could fail.” Isn’t that the whole point — letting taxpayers decide if they want to repay the debt for the project you want completed?

"I am running for Potter County Judge as a referendum on Tanner and her record: higher taxes brought to you by a career politician. Tanner does not deserve to be re-elected unopposed, and I will make sure that she can’t win re-election without a fight," Warren states on his campaign website.

The Texas Constitution vests broad judicial and administrative powers in the position of county judge, who presides over a five-member commissioners court, which has budgetary and administrative authority over county government operations.

The county judge handles such widely varying matters as hearing on admittance to state hospitals for the mentally ill, and temporary and permanent guardianships for special purposes. The judge is also responsible for calling elections, posting election notices and for receiving and canvassing the election returns. The county judge may perform marriages.

A county judge in Texas may have judicial responsibility for certain criminal, civil and probate matters - responsibility for these functions vary from county to county. In those counties in which the judge has judicial responsibilities, the judge has appellate jurisdiction over matters arising from the justice courts. The county judge is also head of civil defense and disaster relief, and county welfare.  In counties under 225,000 population, such as Potter County, the judge prepares the county budget along with the county auditor. 

The Potter County Republican Executive Committee passed a resolution to endorse Warren for Potter County Judge, making him the first candidate to receive such an endorsement from the local party. Warren was endorsed over Tanner, who won the GOP primary against challenger Ed Heath this past March.

In addition, Potter County Republican Party Chairman Dan Rogers, Potter County Republican Party Vice Chair Mike Yazbek, and Potter County Republican Party Secretary Jason Foglesong have personally endorsed Warren.

"I am honored to have the support of the Potter County Republican Party and Chairman Rogers.

“I am the only candidate in this race who has pledged to uncompromisingly fight for the same issues local Republicans care about – gun rights, election integrity, and lower taxes – and our local Republican leaders know it. 

"I cannot wait to continue sharing my vision for Potter County over the next few weeks, talking about the types of issues that local taxpayers are ready to address," Warren said.

Born and raised in Amarillo, Warren is president of Diamond T Rubber Company and the owner of Tom Warren Vintage Trucks, a globally-recognized vehicle restoration shop that has seen its project vehicles go on to be in the finest automotive collections and museums in the world.

In 2016, Tom co-founded The Amarillo Pioneer Media Company with his son, Thomas Warren III.

Learn more about Warren's campaign at

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