Kylie Hiner Memorial Park becomes a reality in Canyon

After two years of fundraising, the Kylie Hiner Memorial Park Committee announced their fundraising goal of $1.1 million has been surpassed to reach $1.3 million. 

“To be able to put this park in for the city of Canyon and not just for the city of Canyon but for the entire panhandle. It honors a really special lady, Kylie Hiner, and this is what communities do we make ourselves better. It takes the whole community and area to do this and make this kind of success today.

“I think it will be a joy for people to come here and it honors Kylie Hiner, but it also honors everybody as well because this is a place. There are no limits. And it’s going to allow families to come together. It a quality-of-life deal, and you know in today’s time and economics it’s well to have a little bit of laughter and joy and that’s what we are going to have,” said Quinn Alexander, chair of the KHMP committee.

Donations for the park were coordinated through and raised by Southwest Ambucs, a non-profit service organization consisting of a diverse group of men and women who are dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

The groundbreaking for the playground was held on Thursday. The event was open to the public with lunch provided afterwards by Southwest AMBUCS Amarillo.

In the honoring of Kylie’s life, the Kylie Hiner Memorial Playground will be a place for all members of the Canyon community. 

“A park with no limits. that was Kylie. She really did not know she had any limits and that’s the way she lived her life. There was no limits.

“All the rides are accessible both by handicap or non handicapped people.

“Kylie was a very special unique person. She loved to swing and that’s what she loved. That was her happy place.

“I’m just excited to to get it built and to offer this to the canyon community where its really going to be an added addition to our park system that kids will be able to enjoy for many, many years,” said Brian Noel, Parks Director for City of Canyon.

Vance Hall, playground committee chairman for southwest AMBUS, said in honor of Kylie this park will be inclusive for all children.

“It’s one where all children can play. Kids with special needs, it’s designed for wheelchairs. Whatever you need, whatever the disability they can do it. We are going to have places for music autism children will love it. The big thing is the brothers and sisters can go out and play with them,” Hall added.

Several members of Kylie Hiner’s family were at the event, including her mom.

“It was a wow moment that we’ll never forget. They will be able to be a part and make family memories that will last a lifetime,” said Mary Hiner. “I just know Kylie is watching over us, and blessing us.”

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