Canyon officials seeking comment on public documents

The City of Canyon has published multiple documents online and is now asking for public comment. The documents include a draft of the Downtown Master Plan and drafts of the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. Public comments for the documents will be open until Friday, October 28th.

“The Downtown Master Plan Committee was formed in January 2021, and this group of citizens worked for 18 months to develop a plan which I believe truly addresses the current issues and future needs of the Downtown area,” Canyon Assistant City Manager Jon Behrens said. “This plan addresses the obvious issues associated with the area, such as the drainage and traffic issues, and it also provides suggested ideas related to redevelopment of the area and the revitalization of 15th Street. This Plan is focused on the future and will provide the City with a planning guide as we begin the implementation of the projects it outlines.”

The Subdivision Regulations document, along with the Zoning Regulations document, are updates that builders and developers will be required to adhere to while building within city limits. 

“The City of Canyon adopted a new Comprehensive Plan in 2019 with Freese and Nichols, LLC as consultants,” Danny Cornelius, the city of Canyon’s planning and development director, said. “Since then, Freese and Nichols has worked with City staff to update the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. This being the first significant revision to either set of regulations in many years, it is our hope developers, builders, and property owners will take a close look at the draft documents and provide feedback. Zoning updates include a greater variety of residential zoning districts, buffering and screening requirements between zoning districts, and standards to reduce light pollution, just to name a few. The Subdivision Regulation updates will provide developers with a clear and expedited process as well as greater detail on design standards.”

All three documents are available at on the home page. Public comments for the Downtown Master Plan can be sent to, and comments on the Zoning or Subdivision Regulations drafts can be sent to

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