WATCH: Amarillo City Council meeting for 8-2-2022

The Amarillo City Council voted 3-1 on Tuesday on setting a maximum property tax rate with two weeks remaining to finalize it. 

Cole Stanley was the only no vote on increasing the rate from 44 cents per $100 of property value to 49 cents. He questioned including debt payments for the Civic Center expansion and improvement program being challenged in court. 

“My issue is with the INS side. It only relates to debt and service, it has nothing to do with the maintenance and operation of the budget. I’m in favor of what they presented for additional fire, police, and other needs we have in the city. But on the other side, that is a tax increase that is encumbered right now,” Stanley said.

Stanley also argued against the proposed tax rate since the country is going into a recession.

“We are watching the economy slope and we are watching things change. I’m being considerate of my taxpayer and going into a recession here is not the best time to increase taxes,” Stanley said.

Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson was absent from the vote.

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