'Swatting' incident in Fritch leads to large law enforcement response

Early Thursday morning, the Borger Dispatch Center received a call in reference to a male subject who had called and advised that he had shot and killed his mother and was also high on PCP.

The call originated in Fritch, and law enforcement personel from the Borger Police Department, Hutchinson County Sheriff's Office, and Fritch Police Department responded to the reported shooting due to the nature of the call. HCSO SWAT personel were also activated to respond to the residence.

Upon arrival to the residence, it was found that no shooting had occurred. During the course of the investigation into the call, it was found that during a match of the popular game "Fortnite", another player had gotten angry during the match and was able to access a local IP address, finding the victims location.

The suspected caller was communicating with the victim via a common online communication platform known as "Discord".

The player then contacted law enforcement to provoke an armed response to the residence. This is a common trend known as "swatting" and not only puts law enforcment officers at risk, but also places the victim of the call at risk as well, due to the nature of the call.

Further investigation into the location and origin of the call is currently taking place.

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