Fireworks ban lifted in Randall County

On Tuesday, the Randall County Commissioners Court determined, on advisement from Chief Joe Koch of the Randall County Fire Department, that the recent rainfall had brought the drought conditions outside of the needed drought index to continue the ban. The letter from the governor for the disaster status has expired and the drought index is just under the thresh hold, therefore the ban had to expire.

The dry areas of the county, the western half, are still in a dangerously severe situation. While the eastern portion did receive the moisture it did not make much of a change. The KBD index, the threshold of 575, the reported number for today that the index is 571.

“It is literally in the hands of the citizens to make good decisions on the use of fireworks,” said Christy Dyer, County Judge.

Frank Keplar, TNT Fireworks of the Texas Panhandle, stated to the commissioners that he is choosing to not sell fireworks with sticks and fins from the TNT stands in Randall County.

The sale and use of fireworks within Amarillo city limits are determined by city ordinances.

The Randall County Fire Department is reminding the public to use caution when using fireworks this holiday season. The Burn Ban is still in effect.

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