June 30, 2022

New website launches to assist expectant mothers in Texas

By Bethany Blankley

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling issued last week overturning Roe v. Wade, which will soon make abortion largely illegal in Texas, the state has launched a new website as a one-stop comprehensive resource listing all available state resources for Texas families and expectant mothers.

FamilyResources.texas.gov provides a list of free or low-cost services available to Texans offered through state agencies and Texas’ Alternatives to Abortion program.

The state has allocated more than $100 million to fund the Alternatives to Abortion program.

“Texas state agencies are here to support you and your family before, during, and after pregnancy,” the website states.

“The State of Texas will continue providing care and assistance to women and families as they seek support during this important time in their lives,” Gov. Greg Abbott said.

“Everyone should feel supported when caring for their loved ones and growing families,” he added. “Texas’ new Family Resources website will connect people with a range of services that are easy to access and available to all Texans. Whether it's help with day-to-day needs or providing mental health resources, we continue working together to create a bright future for all Texas families.”

The website was launched by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to help expectant mothers as well as new biological and adoptive parents.

"By providing this resource, we’re making it easier for families throughout Texas to connect with assistance to a wide range of services and supports offered by state agencies including pregnancy help, parenting tips, food benefits, adoption information and much more,” HHSC Executive Commissioner Cecile Erwin Young said.

The services listed are extensive and varied, including assisting with pregnancy care, adoption services, health insurance, parenting classes and a range of resources, child support, childcare, financial assistance for food, housing and utility expenses, among others.

Chat centers to assist with mental health needs are also available 24/7, the website states.

Most of the programs offered are free or low-cost services. Rather than go to one state agency website and search for information, the website has compiled resources available to Texans from all state agencies assisting families.

The Texas Health and Human Services department provides a range of services including assistance with CHIP, Medicaid, TANF and SNAP.

The Texas Department of State Health Services offers a range of services including helping healthy mothers and babies as well as providing resources for expectant mothers. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services provides local support for parents including a program for mothers.

The Texas Workforce Commission provides services related to childcare, jobs and skills training and unemployment resources for parents. The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs provides assistance with housing and utility expenses.

The Attorney General’s office provides a range of parenting resources as well as enforcing state law regarding child support payments.

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