Man arrested after standoff with Canyon police

The Canyon Police Department took 35-year-old man Shayne Messer into custody at 10:30 pm on Tuesday. Messer is currently at the Randall County Jail.

Officers approached the 2700 block of 5th Ave to serve three warrants to Messer. The three warrants were: 

1. Motion to revoke probation on an aggravated assault 

2. Fraud with intent to obtain controlled substance (schedule 3)

3. Bail jumping and failure to appear

Messer fled police and ran into a nearby apartment. A 32-year-old woman was inside with her three-year-old child and a six-year-old child outside. CPD believes that Messer knew the woman. 

The CPD Emergency Response Team and negotiators were called after multiple attempts to contact Messer and the woman inside the apartment. The woman and three-year-old child were able to leave the apartment.

In an attempt to escape, Messer broke through the apartment wall into the neighboring apartment which was vacant. CPD Emergency Response Team successfully negotiated Messer out of the vacant apartment and made the arrest at 10:30 pm. 

There were no injuries.

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