Joe Biden’s approval rating hits new low of 39.7 percent

Joe Biden’s nationwide public-approval rating in the RealClearPolitics poll average has just hit a new low: 39.7 percent, the lowest of his presidency. This is only the second time (the first being in February) that Biden has dropped below 40 (Biden’s age hasn’t been below 40 since 1982). His 55 percent disapproval rating puts him 15.3 points under water, also the worst of his presidency.

This is largely due to the latest Quinnipiac poll, in which Biden’s approval rating is 35 percent, down three points from the last Q poll. His approval–disapproval rating is 33 percent to 55 percent among all adults, with 15 percent strongly approving and 45 percent strongly disapproving. Among adults — Q doesn’t offer breakdowns for registered voters — Biden’s approval only gets uglier by key groups:

Independents: 25 percent to 61 percent

Age 18–34: 22 percent to 54 percent

Men: 26 percent to 64 percent

Women: 39 percent to 47 percent

Hispanics: 24 percent to 58 percent

African Americans: 49 percent to 31 percent

On issues: 28 percent to 64 percent on the economy and 32 percent to 59 percent on gun violence, the top two priority issues polled. This is, if you are keeping score at home, not good news for Democrats.

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