On Saturday, Amarillo voters said no to all four Amarillo Independent School District propositions on the ballot.

“The right to vote is one of our nation’s greatest privileges, and we’re grateful for everyone who took the time to do so in this election. 

"It’s clear voters felt the burden of a tax increase outweighed the basic needs and enrichment opportunities these propositions would have brought to AISD schools and students. 

"Some difficult decisions are ahead, but as always, our District remains committed to this community and doing our best to make sure our schools remain strong, vibrant places for students to learn, grow and reach their full potential," Amarillo ISD superintendent, Doug Loomis said in a statement.

Amarillo Independent School District

Proposition A: $180 million for various school upgrades and Austin Middle School replacement

For 5,091 45%

Against 6,138 55%

100% reporting

Proposition B: $19 million for Dick Bivins Stadium renovations

For 4,213 37%

Against 6,999 63%

100% reporting

Proposition C: $38.3 million for property and new aquatic center

For 4,171 37%

Against 7,040 63%

100% reporting

Proposition D: $48 million for 4 school multi-purpose activity centers

For 4,198 37%

Against 7,011 63%

100% reporting

“While it would be na├»ve to hope that local politicians have learned their lesson, Amarillo voters have yet again resoundingly rejected a set of massive tax hikes. 

"We do hope that AISD will return to the drawing board. It’s clear that something needs to be done with Austin Middle School. We call on Amarillo ISD to more carefully consider their options, and we hope, for the sake of local students, that whatever plan is pursued won’t be wrapped up with numerous extraneous add-ons. 

"It is now more imperative than ever that the school district reevaluate priorities and put needs ahead of wants. We cannot begin to express the magnitude of our thanks to our supporters. We could not have defeated this tax hike package without you. 

"And to those who showed up to vote, including those who voted for the tax hikes, thank you for fulfilling your civic duty. See y’all at the next election!” Save Amarillo, a local PAC that lobbied against the bond propositions, said in a statement.

Amarillo Kids First, another local PAC that spent thousands of dollars in support of the propositions, noted that "these needs are not going away."

“We want to thank all of the volunteers that were part of Amarillo Kids First. They worked so hard on this campaign and have a true passion for our students. 

"In the end, the voters spoke, and we respect their decision. 

"It’s important to note that these needs are not going away, which is why we’re committed to continuing to work on behalf of our students and community to do what we can to ensure Amarillo continues to be the best place to live and raise our children," Amarillo Kids First said.

In the summer of 2021, the Amarillo ISD Board of Trustees began discussing the need for a master plan for the future of the District’s facilities and requested a comprehensive study of conditions and program needs. 

After reviewing the findings, the Board asked a Community Facilities Advisory Committee to prioritize a list of needs. Based on the recommendations of the committee, the Board called for a bond election to be held.

Proposition A would include infrastructure repairs and improvements like window and roof replacements at multiple campuses around the district. Funds would also be used to rebuild Austin Middle School. The pier and beam structural foundation of the 71-year-old building is degrading, which has resulted in several areas being closed off due to advanced deterioration. Prop A includes some additional safety and security measures at virtually all schools, including perimeter fencing at elementary campuses and secure entrances at middle schools. Also included in Prop A are fine arts facility additions and/or renovations at all middle school and high school campuses, as well as an allowance for exterior lighting on athletic fields.

Proposition B would provide the funds to reconstruct the stands at Dick Bivins Stadium. As the stands are reconstructed, the track would be enlarged by two lanes, creating an eight-lane competition track. 

Proposition C would fund the construction of a 50-meter practice and competition indoor swimming pool (natatorium). Currently, all four high school swim teams share a few lanes of a pool which the District leases from a third-party. Due to space and time constraints, the number of swimmers is capped at approximately 100 students. 

Proposition D would allocate funds to build a multi-purpose indoor activity facility at each of the four traditional high school campuses. The multi-purpose facility provides an indoor shelter for sports, fine arts, school activities, and other community events.

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