Spirit Emporium owner arrested for selling alcohol to minors

Friday evening, Amarillo police officers were staking out the Spirit Emporium located at 4617 Western. The APD received information the owner of this store was selling alcohol to persons under 21 years of age.

During the investigation, officers observed a female, who appeared to be under age 21, enter the store. A short time later she came back out with alcoholic beverages and placed them in the back seat of a vehicle. 

Officers followed the female in the vehicle, observed a traffic violation, and made a traffic stop. The female was identified and found to be 18 years of age. 

The young lady admitted to buying the alcohol and confirmed she was never asked for identification by the owner of Spirit Emporium. 

Spirit Emporium owner Bikram Singh was arrested and booked at the Randall County jail on the charge of purchase or furnishing alcohol to a minor, a Class A misdemeanor. TABC was also notified and responded to the store. 

This incident is still being investigated by TABC and the Amarillo Police Department.

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