Potter County issues burn and fireworks bans

On Tuesday, Potter County issued a burn and fireworks ban. The burn ban will last until Aug. 29, while the ban on fireworks could be in place until until July 5. Randall County recently banned the use and sale of fireworks until July 5, due to the significant wildfire danger in the area.

Under the Potter County fireworks ban:

A person may not sell, detonate, ignite, or in any way use fireworks

Fireworks are classified as “skyrockets with sticks: under 49 C.F.R part 173.100(r)(2) (10-01-1986 edition) or missiles with fins”

A person will be considered to have committed a Class C misdemeanor offense if they knowingly violate the fireworks ban

The order does not ban “permissible fireworks” authorized in Section 2154.003(a) of the Texas Occupations Code 

Outdoor burning in Potter County is prohibited except for:

Outdoor burning related to public health and safety, authorized by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Burning domestic waste on a property that is only a private residence, as long as the burn is conducted in a metal barrier or other approved metal container and covered by a metal screen

Fire burned only to provide warmth in cold weather and for cooking, as long as the burning is done in a metal barrier or other approved metal container

People violating the burn ban could be charged with a Class C misdemeanor. 

Recent high temperatures, followed by several days of low humidity, have created near-perfect conditions for wildfires and the number of fires has steadily increased over the past few days. Regardless of the recent moisture, the benefits are not long-lasting due to the high drought conditions. Residents are encouraged to remain weather-aware and practice wildfire safety, particularly in grassland rural areas, to keep communities safe.

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