Amarillo Public Health Department moving into new building

Storage boxes stacked one on top of another and crammed into hallways as makeshift cabinets are just one indication that the Amarillo Public Health Department (APHD) is literally running out of room.

Over the past decade, APHD has outgrown its location at 1000 Martin Rd.

Fortunately, APHD found a solution right next door.

APHD will open a new location on May 16 at 850 Martin Rd.

The new building, a remodeled clinical facility, will allow APHD to better serve the health needs of the public by expanding its physical space.

“We were really fortunate to have a building right next to our old location that meets our needs as APHD continues to grow in the future,” said City of Amarillo Director of Public Health Casie Stoughton. “We had simply run out of space at the old building.”

The move to a remodeled building includes several positives for the Amarillo community:

●The new building will consist of 17,061 square feet compared to the old building with 11,632 square feet.

●The renovation of an existing building saves money. The new building cost about $120 per square foot for renovation. The construction of a new building would have been double that amount per square foot.

●No city funds were used for the $1.9 million renovation project. APHD utilized funding from a state-administered program, which was approved by Amarillo City Council. 

●APHD will keep the building at 1000 Martin Road for non-clinical services.

“Additional space was our main need,” Stoughton said. “Before the COVID-19 pandemic, our team was out of space. With the addition of staff (some related to COVID and some not), the new building is critical.”

Close to 40 APHD employees will office at the new building. There will be 24 patient rooms at the new location, including a nurses’ station and laboratory space.

“Without the new building, APHD would be unable to grow,” Stoughton said. “With the addition, we can now pursue grants expanding both clinical and non-clinical services addressing needs in our community.”

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