Over the last several months, Amarillo police officers have been working to reduce traffic crashes and fatalities. There are three main reasons for fatal crashes: speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, and drunk driving.

157 people have been arrested for drunk driving since January 1st. Officers are also watching for people not wearing seatbelts and have written 720 citations for this since January 1st. In addition, officers have written 134 citations for children not being restrained during this same time period.   Patrol officers and motorcycle officers are routinely assigned to work in areas where the most traffic crashes occur. They also work in school zones increase safety for our children.
According to Chief Birkenfeld, “We are going to continue to do our part to reduce crashes and lower the number of people killed on our roads. But we need the help of everyone in Amarillo. Please, slow down, wear your seatbelts, and never drive when you have been drinking. It is that simple.”

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