Amarillo police cracking down on illegal street racing

Racing on streets and in parks is dangerous behavior that the Amarillo Police Department is committed to stopping. In addition to checking speed in areas where crashes occur, officers have been deployed to watch for street racing and cars gathered for the purpose of doing burnouts or donuts. 

The APD also uses video surveillance, automatic license plate readers, and social media analysis to identify vehicles and drivers involved in these crimes. 

Here are some important facts to understand:

Racing on public streets is a crime in Texas for which you can be arrested, and your car impounded. (Transportation Code 545.420)

Evading from a police officer in a vehicle is a felony.

Your vehicle may be seized and forfeited for racing or evading.

It is illegal to do burnouts or donuts anywhere in public parks.

It is illegal to gather and hang out on parking lots without the owner’s consent.

The APD recently completed forfeiture on a vehicle that was involved in racing and evading police officers. 

“We want the message to be clear,” states Chief Birkenfeld. “You race, you lose. It is that simple. If you race, we will find you and arrest you and you will lose your car.” 

Chief Birkenfeld cited an April 10th crash on Buchanan Street where several people were injured including a 9-month-old child; and most recently the crash on 34th street on May 6th where two people were killed. 

“This is unacceptable. The risk of injury and death to innocent people is too high to allow reckless driving on streets and in parks.”

If you know about a street racing event, or see this happening, please call 806-378-3038 to report these crimes. 

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