Uvalde mayor: 'Powder keg about to blow up' at the border

By Bethany Blankley 

Instead of deporting mostly single young male illegal immigrants, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents are releasing them into Texas communities, one of which is the border town of Uvalde, located roughly 80 miles southwest of San Antonio.

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said CBP agents told him to expect up to 150 people to be released daily into his community, Fox 29 News reported. A minimum of 150 people released a day, 365 days a year, translates to 54,750 people being released into a town with a population of roughly 17,000.

In a March 24 interview with Fox News Tucker Carlson, McLaughlin said, “They’re releasing – in Eagle Pass, Texas right now, which is 63 miles from Uvalde, they are releasing 700 people a day into the community. Same thing in Del Rio, over 500 a day . . . It’s a powder keg that’s going to blow up and this government has no regard for American citizens.”

Nearly a year earlier, Uvalde began being inundated with crime and dangerous car chases stemming from law enforcement chasing cartel operatives and traffickers transporting people and drugs through the streets of the relatively peaceful border town, McLaughlin said. One year ago, last April, McLaughlin told Carlson, what Uvalde residents were experiencing was “like the wild, wild, west ... we have car chases on a daily basis, we have immigrants jumping off trains, we have them coming into towns… in our schools. It’s just non-stop.

“… we’re dealing with young adult males. A lot of them have criminal records… as of early February [2021], 97 sexual predators have been caught in the Del Rio sector, which Uvalde is a part of.”

Last year, CBP and law enforcement apprehended a record number of repeat offenders, including sexual predators, who’d entered the U.S. illegally. As of last August, nearly 8,700 criminals were arrested at the southern border within a 10- month period, including sex offenders. Last November, CBP reported that 27% of arrested illegal immigrants were repeat offenders, many with other criminal convictions.

These numbers and percentages are estimated to only represent a fraction of the number of criminal illegal immigrants coming through. The majority of them evade capture, law enforcement agencies estimate.

Last May, McLaughlin told Carlson his town was dealing with "13-15 [police] chases per week. … We're having to lock down our schools… about once a week," he said. "[Because] almost every one of those cars has armed" occupants.

But now with Title 42 being rescinded, McLaughlin says what Uvalde residents will experience, “it’s going to be total chaos.”

Title 42 is a public health authority that allows Customs and Border Protection agents to quickly process and deport illegal immigrants under a public health emergency. It was used by the Trump administration to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The Biden administration announced it was ending it May 23.

McLaughlin told the Daily Caller, “we might as well go back to the wild west days. Because nobody has a plan to move these people out of the city.”

The border crisis has past, he says, “this is an invasion.”

McLaughlin has been sounding the alarm ever since the border crisis began. Last May, he warned, “the crisis at the border is far worse than many people realize. And it’s going to destroy my town, our state and this country if we don’t do something about it now. Uvalde is comprised mostly of people of Hispanic origin and it’s been a peaceful place for most of our lives. But not anymore.”

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