Hunter's laptop continues to cause problems for father and son

Who could have imagined when Hunter Biden first abandoned his laptop in a Delaware repair shop in April of 2019 that it would continue to rise from the grave like a zombie to cause ongoing headaches and potential legal trouble for not only the troubled son but his father as well? 

This is probably another opportune moment to express our gratitude that we are now free to invoke the phrase “Hunter Biden’s laptop” without immediately being cast into a black hole of social media silence and investigated for spreading “Russian disinformation.” 

The laptop continues to take on a life of its own and the New York Post has continued to rummage through the contents, finding even more suggestions that the financial entanglements between the President and his wayward son ran deep and raise even more questions about potential corruption that had been going on at Biden Incorporated.

Hunter Biden’s access to lucrative financial opportunities also came with expectations — including kicking back as much as 50% of his earnings to his dad, text messages on his old laptop show.

“I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years,” Hunter Biden groused to daughter Naomi in January 2019. “It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.” Pop is Joe Biden…

The expenses are spelled out in an email to Hunter from business partner Eric Schwerin from June 5, 2010, entitled “JRB Bills.” They concerned the upkeep of Joe Biden’s palatial lakefront home in the wealthy Greenville enclave of Wilmington, Del. JBR are President Biden’s initials.

A lot of what turned up in the text messages stored on the laptop consists of things we’ve seen before (unless you get all of your news from WaPo, the Times and CNN), but there were some new details as well. Much of it deals with the expenses at Biden’s Delaware mansion while he was serving as Barack Obama’s veep. There are claims of thousands of dollars worth of repairs that Hunter had to cover for things ranging from air conditioner repairs to work being done on a “stone retaining wall” near the lake. And Hunter obviously wasn’t happy about the situation.

The associated conversations about these expenses also once again draw attention to Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s business partner. He mentions that not only are those bills being covered but that he had “received Joe Biden’s “Delaware tax refund check.” Exactly how did Schwerin wind up with the Vice President’s tax refund check? He goes on to claim that he had “deposited money” into Joe Biden’s account and then written a reimbursement check back to Hunter. Keep in mind once again that all of this was taking place while Joe Biden was Vice President. Shouldn’t all of those deposits and transfers have shown up on his financial disclosure statements?

Then there was that time that Hunter went on a binge and transferred $25K to a hooker, perhaps accidentally. He was immediately visited by the Secret Service and reminded that the account was jointly held with Joe Biden. Granted, that was in 2018 when Joe Biden was no longer holding public office, but it offers yet more suggestions that the financial accounts of the father and son were far more entangled than Biden has let on during the rare occasions when he allows any questions about Hunter.

There are many adult children who wind up helping out their aging parents financially, so there’s nothing wrong with that in general. But we’re talking about the son of the current President. Joe Biden lives in a mansion and isn’t really hurting for cash from what we can tell. Also, Hunter complained about sometimes having to give as much as 50% of his incoming revenue to “the Big Guy.” And a lot of that money came from some rather dubious sources in China and Ukraine. (Hunter Biden is currently under investigation over all of this and could face charges.)

Trying to pretend that none of this could possibly involve Joe Biden is nothing but willful ignorance. No, we don’t have a smoking gun at this point, but it obviously bears investigation. And that investigation should take place in a public, transparent fashion.

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