City of Amarillo dealing with cyberattack

The City of Amarillo identified and prevented a cyberattack this weekend. There is no evidence at this time of a data breach, no information was lost, and no ransomware deployed. There was no impact to any public safety service.

"Due to the City of Amarillo's identification and quick containment actions, it appears that they prevented any destructive code from executing. Without these actions this could have been a far more devastating situation," said Kevin Walsh, Senior Consultant Secureworks.

Out of an abundance of caution, the city's email system will be unavailable this week while the IT department continues to comb through the network of systems to ensure the network remains secure.

All other city systems are operating. The city will be able to issue permits, collect trash, accept utility payments, etc.

Any community members needing to contact the city during this brief email outage should refer to the attached phone list or call the COA operator at 806-378-3000. 

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