City gives answer as to why McDonald Lake is still empty

McDonald Lake, which is a drainage area for stormwater at John Stiff Memorial Park, recently underwent a repair project.

The repair project required the lake to be drained. An intake pump extending into the middle of the lake was buried in silt and debris. The repair project included cutting the existing piping and installing a 90-degree elbow and extension from the existing pipe, which matches the water cutoff level for pumping.

The City of Amarillo (COA) Drainage Utility Division completed the repair project in January. The project cost $110,000 – a significant savings compared to outsourcing the project to a private contractor. 

“What we are waiting for now is rain,” said COA Director of Public Works Donny Hooper. “McDonald Lake stores stormwater and helps prevent flooding of businesses and homes in the area. Stormwater flows down streets and alleys into the lake as designed, which fills the lake. As soon as we get significant rain, residents can again enjoy McDonald Lake.”

McDonald Lake is filled with stormwater from nearby neighborhoods Sleepy Hollow, the Colonies, City Park and Puckett, along with a small portion of Town Square.

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