China denies aiding Russia

China on Tuesday said it has taken a “completely objective, impartial and constructive" stance on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and denied that it has aided Russia in the war.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said China is seeking an end to the conflict, according to The Associated Press.

“We have a clear goal, that is to promote the de-escalation of the situation and end the conflict as soon as possible," Zhao said at a daily briefing.

The comments come a day after White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan raised concerns about China's alignment with Russia amid the invasion and whether it was providing economic and military support to Russia.

U.S. and Chinese officials met for seven hours in Rome to discuss tensions, and Sullivan warned China could face consequences for supporting the war.

Reports have circulated that Russia has sought military equipment and food assistance from China.

Zhao on Tuesday accused the U.S. of spreading disinformation about China aiding the war effort, calling the U.S. "immoral and irresponsible," according to the AP.

“What the U.S. should do is to deeply reflect on the role it has played in the development and evolving of the Ukraine crisis, and do something practical to ease the tension in Ukraine,” Zhao said, per the AP.

Beijing has refused to call the war in Ukraine a war, instead referring to it as the "Ukraine issue" while also opposing international sanctions slapped on Russia for invading the country on Feb. 24.

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