New satellite images show increased Russian military equipment near Ukraine

New satellite images reveal a further buildup of Russian military activity around its border with Ukraine.

CNN reported on Wednesday that Russian military equipment and deployments have increases in areas such as Crimea, Belarus, and western Russia, citing imagery by  Maxar Technologies, a satellite imagery provider.

The reported new images show a continued buildup of what has been an increased presence of Russian troops and military activity along its border with Ukraine, which has fueled ongoing tensions between Moscow and the West over several months.

Maxar told CNN that the images “reflect an increased level of activity and readiness” on the part of the Russian military.

Previously, Maxar said, “in most cases, few troops or new housing for additional personnel were observed near the deployments, suggesting that some of the units may have been pre-positioned or forward deployed.” 

“Also, troop tents/shelters for personnel have been seen at virtually every deployment location in Belarus, Crimea and western Russia, which suggests that the units are now accompanied with troops and have increased their overall readiness level,” it added.

Maxar said that images have documented Russian military training including live-fire artillery and maneuver training.

Sky News reported that the images show an increase in tents that are designed to house troops at several Russian bases, noting that images did not show an increase of actual troops being sent to camps or that they were being prepared for additional troops.

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