City announces partnership between Tech vet school and AAMW

When the Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine  in Amarillo welcomed its inaugural class in the fall of 2021, it was the realization of a vision – a state-of-the art veterinary school in Amarillo that would serve rural and regional communities across Texas.

This vision has led to a unique partnership between the SVM and the City of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare Department. 

The partnership will provide veterinary students with exceptional educational resources and hands-on, high-quality care of shelter pets.  In addition, the SVM’s presence on the AAMW campus increases AAMW’s medical capabilities.

“This partnership is an incredible opportunity for AAMW,” said AAMW Director Victoria Medley.  “We are excited to be partnering with the Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine. It will mean so much for the Amarillo community, as well as for the pets in our care.

“This partnership will pay dividends, as many of these young men and women will one day use the skills they hone here at AAMW to serve the animals and people of the Texas Panhandle, West Texas and the surrounding areas.”

As students progress through their training, their ability to add value to AAMW’s medical operations will increase. 

The partnership includes a clinical rotation development program at the AAMW facility:

●In their first year, students will provide physical examinations, basic bloodwork, and care at the SVM along with volunteer efforts at the AAMW facility. 

●In the future, second and third-year students, along with SVM and AAMW instructors, will also provide enhanced care and diagnostics such as advanced imaging, ultrasound, sophisticated bloodwork and testing and necessary surgeries such as spays and neuters. 

●During their fourth-year rotation, students will work alongside SVM and AAMW instructors on site at the AAMW facility.

“As one of the SVM Core Values, community is a foundation of our program. The city of Amarillo and this community make it all possible,” said Clayton Cobb, assistant professor of general veterinary practice at the SVM. “Our goal is to form veterinary students that can help communities like Amarillo. Without the AAMW, we could not achieve this goal and we hope to provide a source of aid and enthusiasm to all people and pets of the Panhandle.” 

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