APD hosts first meeting with Community Advisory Panel

On Tuesday, the Amarillo Police Department hosted the first ever Community Advisory Panel. 

Framed as “The Citizen’s Voice to the Chief”, this panel includes 7 people from a diverse cross-section of the Amarillo community. The panel also has 5 police officers including Chief Birkenfeld.

The Community Advisory Panel will act as a resource for the Chief of Police in the formation of strategies, the development of community policing practices, the solicitation of community feedback, and the enhancement of community trust.  They will provide a forum for discussions about community concerns, leveraging the experience of persons from both inside and outside of policing to benefit the department and the community.

During a community crisis, the panel may be enlisted by the Chief to help enhance timely and accurate communication between the department and the citizens of Amarillo.

The Chief will provide to the panel a summary of significant crime and safety information, publicly available information about departmental issues, and plans for future programs or public policy changes.  The panel will discuss contemporary issues and emergent trends in law enforcement that affect the City of Amarillo and may make recommendations for the consideration of the Chief of Police.

Chief Birkenfeld states, “This is another avenue we are embracing to maintain community trust.  We intend for Amarillo residents to have clear access to the department and direct voice to let us know what is important. In return we can address public safety concerns to further enhance the quality of life and safety in our community.”

The panelist will serve for two years and were selected based on input from City Council members and Chief Birkenfeld. The Community Advisory Panel will meet at least quarterly, or more often when needed.

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