Glenwood Elementary School students inspire others to help AAMW

The generosity of students at Amarillo’s Glenwood Elementary School is spreading far and wide at the City of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare Department.

Glenwood students wanted to help dogs residing at the AAMW shelter. Students held a fundraiser – “Dimes for Dogs.” Incredibly, in just a few months, students raised more than $1,200 by collecting nickels, dimes and quarters. Students turned the fundraiser into a contest. (For the record, the second grade won the “Dimes for Dogs” title by collecting the most money.)

The impressive act of generosity did not end there. Glenwood students inspired others. 

AAMW staffers reached out to Pets Supplies Plus, a local partner. AAMW wanted to use the funds collected by Glenwood students to purchase “Kongs” for the entire AAMW shelter. (Kongs are durable, rubber dog toys that serve as a treat and help cure boredom.)

Pets Supplies Plus contacted Kong officials. When Kong officials discovered the generosity of Glenwood students, Kong decided to donate 320 Kongs to the AAMW shelter – free of charge. 

“It is really incredible how the students at Glenwood Elementary raised so much money collecting nickels and dimes,” said AAMW Outreach Manager Kayla Sell. “And then to have this act of generosity inspire others to help the dogs here at the shelter – it is really amazing. We are so grateful to everyone who provided this resource.”

The money raised by the Glenwood students will be used to fund additional animal needs at the AAMW shelter. 

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