On Thursday, the Canyon Police Department arrested three students responsible for bringing a gun onto the Canyon High School campus. All three students were booked into the juvenile detention center.

Canyon High administration received a report from a student of another student’s possession. CPD was notified and Officer Hernandez responded. CPD and CHS administration immediately began a search for the weapon.

The three students involved hid the gun outside the school after they heard searches had started.

Administration found the students responsible. Once questioned, the students admitted to hiding the gun and lead Officer Hernandez to its location. The gun was confiscated from the alley at 11:45 am.

The three juvenile males were charged with possession of a firearm and unlawfully carrying a weapon in a restricted place. All three are currently at the Youth Center of the High Planes.

“I’m proud that our students, staff and community recognize the importance of ‘if you see something or hear something, then say something’. This helps us to keep everyone safe.” said Dr. Darryl Flusche, Superintendent of Canyon ISD.

The Canyon ISd issued the following statement about the incident:

"Today, at 11:45 am, school administration and law enforcement confiscated a weapon outside of  Canyon High School. All students and staff are safe.  

"School will continue as planned.  

"A student in possession of any type of weapon on school property is in violation of the law as well as the CISD Code of Conduct. Any student involved will be disciplined accordingly. 

"Please take this opportunity to talk with your student about school safety, as well as remind them to report any unsafe situation or behavior to an adult. If you see something or hear something, say something.  

"We are thankful to those who reported this situation to administrators."

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