WT raises minimum wage for student workers

By Chip Chandler

Student workers at West Texas A&M University will be getting a raise.

WT’s Office of Human Resources announced this week that the University would raise the minimum wage for student workers to $10 per hour.

“In raising the minimum wage for student workers, we of course want to better compete in the job market, but this is also a great benefit for our students,” said WT President Walter V. Wendler. “I have spoken frequently about my fervent wish that students avoid debt as much as possible in pursuing their educational goals. Students who can gain valuable work experience alongside their studies will come out ahead of their peers, and by finding good paying jobs on campus, they’ll be able to keep their debt loads down, too.”

With the increase, effective Sept. 6, students generally will make between $10 and $12 an hour at various on-campus jobs. The raise is not automatic, depending on departmental funding, but all new hires will be paid at least $10 beginning Sept. 6.

WT will employ approximately 220 students this fall.

“Working while going to college can assist a student in developing marketable skills such as communication, critical thinking and facility with technology, among others,” said Kim Muller, director of WT’s Office of Career and Professional Development. “It also is beneficial in building their professional networks with managers and mentors who may assist later in their professional job searches and careers.”