Two people arrested in Amarillo for possession/distribution of child pornography

The Amarillo PD Special Victims Unit received a NCMEC cybertip reference to possession and distribution of child pornography that was tied back to Amarillo. 

After administrative subpoenas and further investigation, two suspects were developed and found to be living at 7856 Canyon Dr. #47. A search warrant was drafted and served on Thursday morning. 

Jaden Anderson and Alexander Heisel were detained and later arrested. Anderson was arrested for Possession/Distribution of Child Pornography. Heisel was arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1a and tampering with evidence. 

A large amount of marijuana was found along with LSD and cocaine. Multiple electronic devices were seized and being downloaded for further charges. 

Other evidence of production and distribution of child pornography was located and collected by APD officers. 

This case is still under investigation by the Special Victims Unit.

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