Regional COVID Infusion Center opening in Amarillo

A Regional Infusion Center to help treat COVID-19 patients in the Texas Panhandle will open to the public this week in Amarillo.

The State of Texas through the Texas Division of Emergency Management, in partnership with the City of Amarillo, opened the infusion center as an additional resource for treating COVID-19.

The state-supported infusion center will open to the public on Thursday, September 23. It will include personnel, equipment, supplies and wraparound services for a 20-chair Regional Infusion Center.

“I’m proud of the partnerships behind this infusion center,” said Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson. “In response to a spike in cases and the start of the school year, state and city community partners are finding solutions to decrease COVID hospitalizations.”

The Regional Infusion Center is located at 808 S. Johnson St, in Amarillo.
The facility will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven days per week. Medical professionals will be able to administer a monoclonal antibody treatment to up to approximately 200 patients per day. The infusions are meant for COVID-19 patients who are not yet hospitalized or on oxygen supplements.
At Governor Greg Abbott’s direction, TDEM contracted with a private vendor and will provide necessary equipment and staffing resources to ensure the center is fully operational. The City of Amarillo is providing a newly renovated facility for infusions. Amarillo Public Health is providing a call center and staff to accept referrals and schedule patients for infusion.
The treatment is available at no cost to patients. Patients must be confirmed COVID-19 positive and have a referral from a primary care physician. These infusion centers, equipped with Regeneron monoclonal antibodies, will treat COVID-19 patients with therapeutic drugs that can prevent their condition from worsening and requiring hospital care. These centers also help increase bed capacity in hospitals so that resources are available for the most ill patients. The State deployed similar measures back in November 2020 to communities across Texas.
Patients are eligible for the medication when:

●Patient must NOT be hospitalized or require oxygen therapy, due to COVID-19.

●Patient must NOT require an increase in oxygen rate due to COVID-19 if using for underlying comorbidity.

●Patient MUST be within 10 days of symptom onset.
Doctors can refer patients by emailing the necessary referral form to or by fax at 806-378-6399. Patients without a primary care physician are encouraged to call the infusion center for additional information at 806-378-6300.  Amarillo Public Health will send a health advisory to local providers with referral information. This information will also be available at
The Regional Infusion Center in Amarillo is the 18th state-supported operational center in the Lone Star State. Texans can visit or call 1-800-742-5990 to find the nearest infusion center.

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