With a unanimous 4-0 vote Tuesday, Amarillo City Council approved the 2021 Parks Master Plan. City of Amarillo (COA) Parks and Recreation staff began the master plan process in 2019. The park master plan is a comprehensive roadmap that prioritizes and reinvests resources into parks and facilities. 

While the plan does not create specific policy, it does help define future core services and investment strategies within the local park system. The updated plan was completed by MIG, Inc. with the help of park staff, park board members, community involvement, multiple rounds of public engagement and with consideration to comparable cities.

“Amarillo is a community that remains rooted in its rich history, but that is also focused on its future,” said Michael Kashuba, director of Amarillo Parks & Recreation. “With that in mind, we wanted to create an actionable, community-driven plan. We wanted to consider the Amarillo of today, but also plan for the Amarillo of tomorrow. I think this plan is representative of that.”

There were four main funding priorities for Amarillo citizens. The top priority included maintaining and investing in playgrounds and similar amenities. 

Additional priorities include walking, biking, competitive sports and casual recreation. 

Citizens want future park investment in the following areas: maintain and replace existing infrastructure, expand or improve athletic facilities, add new parks in underserved areas and more variety at existing parks.

“We don’t want this document to sit on a shelf. The community made their priorities known. Park staff can begin making strategic efforts to bring this plan to life and we are excited to keep the community actively engaged throughout the process,” Kashuba said.

To review the 2021 COA Parks Master Plan, go to: www.bit.ly/2021amarillopmp

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