O'Rourke mum on run for Texas governor

Former Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke is remaining mum on whether he will be running for governor of Texas, leaving Texas Democrats frozen.

In May, it was reported that O'Rourke was considering a run for governor to unseat Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“I’ve committed myself to this fight for the right to vote and preserving our democracy in America,” O'Rourke told The Dallas Morning News, referring to his work with civic engagement organizations. “We are in, really, the final hours of this fight, and there’s not much time left for us, and I want to make sure I’m giving this 100% of my focus and my effort.”

“I want to see this through and then, afterward, I really do want to see how I can best serve Texas,” O'Rourke continued. “That might very well be as a candidate for office, and it might be continuing the work I’m doing with Powered by People, which is registering Texans to vote all across the state.”

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If O'Rourke decides to run, it would be his third campaign seeking statewide or nationwide office.

Though O'Rourke is remaining coy on his plans, many Democrats believe he is likely to run, the News reports, pointing to his exhaustive schedule traveling across much of Texas. While he is raising support for federal voting legislation, this tour may also be serving as a prelude to a gubernatorial campaign.

Regarding what will come next for him, O'Rourke told the News, “I don’t know. But whatever form it takes, I’m committing myself to public service in Texas and for Texas."

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