Abbott appoints Brandi Reed to Texas Crime Victims’ Institute Advisory Council

Governor Greg Abbott has appointed Amarillo's Brandi Reed to the Texas Crime Victims’ Institute Advisory Council for a term set to expire January 31, 2023. 

The council is charged with conducting an in-depth analysis of the impact of crime on victims, close relatives of deceased victims, guardians of victims and society.

Reed is the Director of Education at Family Support Services of Amarillo, Inc., and is an Advanced Certified Prevention Specialist. She is a member of the Texas Council on Family Violence, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, Texas Association of Addiction Professionals and Texas Victim Services Association. 

Additionally, Reed serves on the Event Committee for Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains, is a committee member of the Planning and Network Advisory Committee for Texas Panhandle Centers and is a Board Member of the Amarillo Little Theatre. 

Reed received a Bachelor of Arts from West Texas A&M.