LPPA seeking higher pay for Lubbock police officers

The Lubbock Professional Police Association (LPPA) is asking the City of Lubbock to increase pay for Lubbock police officers during their current budget talks. When compared to comparable cities in Texas, local police officers are paid an average of almost 14% lower (compiled data from police departments across Texas).

In addition to lower pay, Lubbock police officers are facing crime rates among the highest in Texas per capita (2019 FBI Uniform Crime Report). In 2020 homicides were up almost 100% in Lubbock, jumping from 21 in 2019 to 41 in 2020. Aggravated Assault crimes were also up 16% (National Incident-Based Reporting System). 

Local officers are also policing 81 documented gangs in Lubbock with almost 1700 documented gang members (TAG Center).

LPPA believes that better pay will lead to retention of experienced officers. Brandon Price, LPPA Board Member, says “talking to other officers you hear that many are choosing to retire or move into other professions, rather than face the criticism and scrutiny they receive as an officer in today’s climate. Why continue working in this field for lower wages and higher risk?”

LPPA President, Josh Reid, explained that a tax hike is not needed to increase pay for officers as The City of Lubbock has the funds. “They have budgeted for 465 Officers but we have only averaged approximately 415 sworn officers,” Reid explained. “Reallocating some of that money would provide the pay increase that the officers are asking for without requiring a tax or budget increase.”

Lubbock Professional Police Association is asking that The City of Lubbock increase Lubbock police officer’s pay to what is comparable to similar cities in Texas without putting the issue to a taxpayer vote. They are encouraging the community to reach out to their local representatives and voice their support of higher wages for local police officers.