Federal judge hears arguments in Planned Parenthood vs Lubbock case

On Friday, a federal judge heard arguments from attorneys representing planned parenthood and the city and ultimately, a decision was not reached.

It’s unclear when a decision will be made.

The lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood last week hopes to block the ordinance from taking effect next Tuesday.

Planned Parenthood attorneys argued that the threat of civil lawsuits is causing women to cancel their appointment because the financial risk is too great.

Another concern is that under the ordinance, any Texan can file a civil lawsuit, which would cause an avalanche of lawsuits from across the state.

It claims private enforcement is effective in blocking women’s constitutional right to an abortion.

In response, city attorneys claim the lawsuit should be dismissed because the city cannot enforce private lawsuits.

Planned Parenthood maintains that a lawsuit does not need to be filed to show harm because social media posts from prominent pro-life advocates say they ‘will file lawsuits.’

An amicus brief was filed yesterday on behalf of Project Destiny, a local PC in support of the ordinance, which reminded the court that SB8 or Heartbeat bill would allow Lubbock to maintain the ordinance under state law.

The heartbeat bill, which takes effect this fall, allows local jurisdictions to maintain more stringent abortion restrictions.

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