Price transparency, telehealth expansion among Texas House health care priorities

Speaker Dade Phelan and a coalition of bipartisan members of the Texas House of Representatives today introduced Healthy Families, Healthy Texas, the House's healthcare package that lowers costs, expands access to care, and improves health outcomes for all 29 million Texans.

"Healthy Families, Healthy Texas is a groundbreaking effort to improve the health of millions of Texans, make healthcare more affordable, and put coverage within reach," said Speaker Dade Phelan. "I applaud the members for working across the aisle to improve healthcare for every Texan."

Last legislative session, Texas made significant strides to our healthcare system, including eliminating surprise billing, increasing women’s health funding, and securing landmark federal waivers to stabilize our healthcare safety net. Healthy Families, Healthy Texas represents the next opportunity for our state to advance health access, affordability, and better outcomes. Healthy Families, Healthy Texas is comprised of the following bills:

Increasing Access to Care

• House Bill 4 - (Price, - Amarillo) Increasing Access to Telehealth and Telemedicine
• House Bill 5 - (Ashby, - Lufkin) Establishing Framework for Broadband Internet Expansion
• House Bill 290 - (Cortez, - San Antonio) Reducing Red Tape for Children's Healthcare
• House Bill 797 - (Howard, - Austin) Increasing Flexibility in Vaccine Delivery

Improving Health Outcomes

• House Bill 15 - (S. Thompson, - Houston) Establishing a Brain Institute of Texas
• House Bill 18 - (Oliverson, - Cypress) Lowering Drug Costs for the Uninsured
• House Bill 133 - (Rose, - Dallas) Providing Greater Care for New Mothers
• House Bill 4139 - (Coleman, - Houston) Advancing Health Equity

Increasing Affordability of Health Care

• House Bill 2487 - (Oliverson, - Cypress) Promoting Transparency in Hospital Pricing
• House Bill 3752 - (Frank, - Wichita Falls) Increasing Health Coverage Options
• House Bills 3923, 3924 - (Oliverson, - Cypress) Increasing Health Coverage Options

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