City of Amarillo unveils new Animal Services Building

The newest animal care facility at the City of Amarillo Animal Managment & Welfare (AAMW) Department will make its debut Thursday with a media tour at 3 p.m. The public is welcome.

The new $1.4 million facility – the AAMW Animal Services Building - is funded by Proposition 2, approved by voters in 2016. The facility was completed two years ahead of schedule and under budget. The facility is located behind the main AAMW building, located at 3501 S. Osage.

“The staff here at Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare is extremely excited to show this state-of-the-art facility to the public,” said AAMW Director Victoria Medley. “Thanks to the voters, we have a fantastic new resource that will enable us to help and care for animals that come into the shelter. The facility will serve as a veterinary clinic to address animal health within the shelter, as well as provide the ability to spay and neuter animals that are adopted.

“We also look forward to the many opportunties afforded by this new facility to work with the Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine. This partnership is a major step forward as far as the level of animal care in this community.”

The new facility includes increased kennel capacity, new field operations offices, outdoor dog runs, a veterinary clinic, an updated radio room and expanded training capacity.

In addition to AAMW staff, Mayor Pro Tem Howard Smith, City Council Member Eddy Sauer and City Manager Jared Miller will be in attendance for the event, along with representatives from the Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine.