Amarillo Zoo welcomes Daisy the baby camel

According to the poetry of legendary writer Rudyard Kipling, the camel’s hump “is an ugly lump which well you may see at the zoo. But uglier yet is the hump we get from having too little to do.”

Those looking for something to do and visit the Amarillo Zoo will likely disagree with Kipling’s opinion of the camel’s hump after seeing Daisy the baby camel – the Amarillo Zoo’s new adorable resident.

Daisy, who was born Feb. 16, is a female dromedary, or one-humped camel. She comes to the Amarillo Zoo from the Metroplex and is on exhibit for the public.

“Daisy is wonderful and has adjusted quickly to her new home here at the zoo,” said Berkeley Hilliard, Zoo Curator for the Amarillo Zoo. “She has a lot of personality and character. We love having her here. We think our visitors will also love her and enjoy getting to know her.”

Due to her youth, Daisy is being bottle-fed by Amarillo Zoo staff members, and this feeding process will continue for another two years. Daisy’s new home at the Amarillo Zoo is in the area previously known as the longhorn area. The Amarillo Zoo’s longhorn was recently moved to a pasture area at the zoo.

The lifespan of a camel such as Daisy is roughly 40 years. Daisy could grow to a height of 6-foot-2 inches tall when she reaches adulthood.

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